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Annual tuition gets you all Collabware University online training courses and certification exams.

What's included?

  • Training Courses
  • Manageable Units
  • Flexible Learning Schedule
  • Unit Quizzes
  • Final Course Exams
  • Certification Badges
  • Certificates of Completion
  • Collab-U Community

Elevate your career

Our classes are not only based around how to use the software but will allow you to learn the latest insights, shortcuts and best practices for performing real-life tasks.

Expert instructors

We've selected the best in the biz. Experienced educators who have gone through the same industry challenges and are passionate to create change and show you an easier path.

Find a comfortable pace

Courses are broken down into manageable chunks that you can take at your own pace. Each unit covers a specific topic or task and a quiz will allow you to assess your comprehension. 

Material you'll love

Course content was made meaningfully so that it actually benefits you and will make your work life processes easier. And we want your feedback! Let us know what you think!

Set and achieve goals

Being a subscriber gives you ultimate flexibility. Unlike other training courses, you won't have to digest 3 full days of content in one go. You can space it out so you can put it into action and test it. Come back when needed.

The Collab-U community

Connect with past and present students, instructors and industry personnel. Interact 1on1 or in forum settings. This is a safe place to post challenges and get a variety of feedback. Nasty discourse isn't tolerated.

Collabware University: Quality Content

Content will continue to be added to Collabware University, including more online training, industry videos and more.

Meet the Core Team

The Team and instructors at Collabware University are passionate about providing you an enjoyable and educational experience you will value.

Collabware University

Learn the latest about records management, discovery,
archiving and data security compliance.

You'll gain access for 1 full year from time of payment to all Collabware University content, events, online training courses and certification exams.